Our History

Our History

Every day is an adventure

From a single pot pie to a million meals a day.

September 1987

Our humble beginnings.

In 1987 while Rachel was pregnant and on bed rest, Andy went looking for ready-made meals at their natural grocery store. When he couldn’t find anything organic and vegetarian that satisfied their taste buds, they decided to make their own. The first thing they did was recruit a few family members to help out.

Amy's plate and cutlery
November 1987

Amy is born.

On November 18, 1987, while Rachel and Andy were giving life to a new business, they welcomed their baby girl to the world and gave her the name Amy.

Amy's stalk delivering baby
December 1987

A pot pie is born.

The very first dish the Berliners made was a pot pie. Rachel’s mother, Eleanor, created the recipe. Together they made them by hand in their own kitchen whilst Amy slept close by. It didn’t take long for the Berliners to realise they were onto something. But they had no way of knowing just how big that something would become.

Amy's pot pie
February 1988

Ellie’s Dream.

The Berliners needed a name for their new company, so the family got together to brainstorm. And as families go, no one could agree. But that night Rachel’s mother, Eleanor, had a dream and returned the next day with the perfect idea – they should name their new company after the newest family member, Amy.

Amy's woman dreaming
June 1988

Outgrowing the original kitchen.

As Amy grew, so did Amy’s Kitchen. The Berliners quickly realised they needed more space and more hands. So in June of 1988, just a year after the first pot pie was made, the Berliners opened their first full-sized kitchen in Sonoma County staffed with 8 employees including, of course, Rachel and Andy.

Amy's Sonoma postcard
May 1991

The menu grows.

With their Sonoma kitchen up and running, the Berliners were able to add a few more items to the menu. They started making two things everyone loves – burritos and mac & cheese. But even though they were growing in size and adding more offerings, Andy and Rachel wanted every meal cooked at Amy’s Kitchen to be made with careful attention. So rather than working the way most food producers do, by manufacturing food, the Berliners kept doing things the way they always had, with love.

Amy's burrito being rolled